Out On a Limb Tree Care

Welcome to “Out On a Limb Tree Care”. We are tree care professionals who write about trees so you know what you may best do to manage the trees on your property.

On this site you’ll find many species of trees that may be in your back yard. Be sure to search for trees and palms you wish to learn about.

Everyday we learn about trees. We assess them, see the best and the worst of them, and sometimes even heal them. If you want to know more about your trees, you’ve come to the right place.

They are also our passion. We breed trees, climb trees, even slab and sculpt trees. The owners of this business are tree and palm lovers.

Out On a Limb Tree Care exists to help property owners manage their trees and palms in a way that improves both the urban treescape and the wider environment. How we manage our trees impacts on our regional ecology including its fauna.

We hope you enjoy our tree and palm site.

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